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96% of our customers are referred

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Jason Jordan
Barnum Media Group

" The value of your
leads is impossible
to measure. They
are that good. "
John Richards1

John Richards
Super Trainer and Recruiter

" This is why I do
business with you.
I would never go
elsewhere. "
Jim Norris1

Jim Norris
MLM Coach

" These are people who
have a home business
TODAY. They are in the
game NOW. You just
can't find a better
prospect. "
Tom Willliams1

Tom Williams
International marketer
and trainer

" Thanks for the good
job you do with leads.
You are the best. "

  • Leads that are perfect for Voice Broadcasting (VB).
  • Legal to use with VB - Don't need separate written permission.
  • Active In Network Marketing or a Small Business Today - They have a business!!
  • Super Price - Similar Active Network Marketer Leads cost $2.00 for 1 Lead.
  • Leads are over delivered by 15% in regular, combo, and subscription orders.
            Voice Broadcast System

    Seamlessly integrates with ringless voicemail for cellphones.
  • If It's Too Complicated, We'll Set It Up For You!
  • Lowest Rates Anywhere, If You Know How To Compare.
  • No Additional Upfront Cost - just pay for minutes.
  • No Additional Monthly Costs - just pay for minutes.
  • Billing in 6 Second increments - No 30 or 60 seconds minimum per call.
  • Only Charged For Connected Calls - Answered by live person or voicemail.
  • No Extra Charges For Intrastate Calls, Calls to Canada, or using a Toll Free Number.
  • Conference Call Voicebroadcasting - To learn about this new strategy, click here.
***Traditional voice broadcasting is no longer legal for cell phones, even if the cell phone number appears on a business website. Please check out ringless voicemail for cell phones to learn how to stay legal with cell phones.




    Seamlessly integrates with voice broadcasting for landlines. 
  • No annoying interruptions for your prospect.
  • They listen to the message at their convenience.
  • You are more likely to get the message through to the person you want it to reach.
  • Multiple people may hear the message.
  • The only legal way to broadcast to cell phones - FCC, FTC, and CRTC compliant.
           Professionally Recorded Messages

  • Pre-recorded messages that produce results.
  • Messages include 3 for the Auto Dialer and Your iTeleCenter Message(s).
  • Many different message packages to suit your style.
  • Each package is only $60 - others charge $100 or more for the same work.
           iTeleCenter Voicemail System with Virtual Number

  • No one gets a busy signal when they connect to your number.
  • You receive an e-mail as soon as someone has finished listening to your message.
  • The e-mail tells you how long they listened to the message, and if they left a message for you.
  • If you have three active referrals with iTeleCenter, your service is free.